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Liquid detergent for dishwashing machine specific for hard water

Brand: Alchemy Professional

Pentole Piatti Vasi
Dosatore Lavastoviglie

  • Gold
  • Brand: Alchemy Professional
  • Packs: cart. kg. 6x2 - tan. kg. 25 - tan. kg. 12 - tanica kg.6
  • Weight: 6,45Kg - 12Kg - 13Kg - 25Kg

Concentrated liquid dishwashing detergent, perfect for use in hard water conditions. Prevents scale formation on dish machine walls and keeps the shine of dishware, cutlery and glassware. Excelentl results. It keeps the dishwasher free of deposits.


1,5 - 3,0 g/L depending on water hardness

Range of use

Restaurants, hotels, cafe, canteens, hospitals etc.

Where to use

Kitchenware: pots, dishes, glasses, cutlery etc.


aluminium, silver and copper pots


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