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Concentrated rinse aid for dishwasher machine

Brand: Alchemy Professional

Dosatore Lavastoviglie
Solo Piatti
PH 2

  • ADY
  • Brand: Alchemy Professional
  • Packs: cart. lt.5x2 - tan lt.5 - tan. kg. 25 - tan. Lt.10
  • Weight: 5,5Kg - 10Kg - 11Kg - 25Kg

High concentrated liquid acid rinse additive for dishwashers, specific for hard water conditions. Its formulation provides a fast drying of kitchenware, dishes, cutlery,glasses and trays.


1-2 g/10L depending on water hardness

Range of use

Restaurants, hotels, nursery schools

Where to use

Kitchenware: dishes, cutlery, glasses, trays

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